Jonathan Spengeman

Software Engineer

Redux Lego Pieces - Above and Beyond

November 12, 2017

In the first post on Redux Lego Pieces we discussed the essential building blocks of Redux and how they fit together. If you already have the basics of Redux down then continue on, otherwise you may want to checkout the first post in this series. By the end of this...

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Supercharging Your Development Team

November 5, 2017

In this post I will discuss super charing your development team using practices that will increase productivity, lower risk, and collectively strengthen team members’ knowledge portfolios. After having worked professionally as a software engineer for a few years I have learned about a few practices that I feel I could...

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Empirically Calculating Estimates for Teams

October 25, 2017

If you working in an agile software development life cycle then your team is making an estimate on how much work to commit to each sprint. Even if you are not utilizing an agile process it is more than likely that you will need to come up with an estimate...

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Earning Value by Not Writing Tests

October 16, 2017

Unit testing is pretty important to me. I could not imagine working without testing my code. The value that software testing adds is immense. You gain an increase in productivity and a decrease in risk with the subtle fee of a small time investment. A tax that I think is...

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Being a Pragmatic Programmer - Part 2

October 12, 2017

Continuing on my thoughts on being a pragmatic programmer I spend some time discussing how to ensure you are solving the right problem. In conjunction with that, I dive into my experiences with wizard code, a topic we cover more in detail later on. Next, I discuss design by contract...

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