Jonathan Spengeman

Software Engineer


I have been developing software professionally for three years. I started my professional career at Bixly developing web applications using Django and Angular. After a couple years at Bixly I moved to Washington DC to continue my career at Boeing where I have been developing backend services utilizing primarily Java. Although, for the past few months I have been developing in primarily ES6 which has been an absolute blast.


At this point in my career all of my projects are proprietary. Although, I can talk about some of the technologies I have used from industry to build these various projects.


I enjoy talking about Agile software development life cycles such as scrum. In conjunction with that, I will talk your ear off about how much I love Redux. I also spend a lot of time thinking about software design patterns and programming paradigms like object oriented programming and functional programming. I am currently teaching myself Clojure so that I know another language on the JVM.

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]