Jonathan Spengeman

Software Engineer

Being a Pragmatic Programmer - Part 1

September 12, 2017

This post is a collection of recounts of how The Pragmatic Programmer has positively affected the quality of products I deliver as well as my personal quality of life as a developer. In conjunction with that, it includes some arguably convincing evidence as to why or why not a specific...

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Redux Lego Pieces - The Essentials

August 24, 2017

Redux is the model layer for client side web applications. Although, it is really just a predictable state container that could be used for anything. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with. This article is assuming the reader has a little bit of familiarity with Redux but is...

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Focusing on Functional Purity

August 22, 2017

Pure Functions and Side Effects For a function to be considered pure two conditions must be met. The function always produces the same output given the same input and the function does not cause any side effects to take place. A side effect includes mutation of shared or internal state...

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A Journey With Client Side Authentication

July 5, 2017

If you are building single page applications you will eventually come across the problem of having to maintain authentication state in your application. The motivation for this being that you may want to render the application differently when the user is logged in compared to when they are not logged...

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Web Development Is Intimidating

January 7, 2016

Actually, I lied. Any field is overwhelming when first learning about it. My goal with this article is to help others understand some of the most basic concepts of web development; as well as some of the most common buzzwords you will hear when entering the field. I am by...

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